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Primate PreachingWhy the AIC? What has happened to the Christian Faith?

We are bombarded every day with news of spiritual and moral decline, Church attendance dwindles, the divorce rate rises steadily, more and more young women are condemned to struggle as lone mothers, 350 unborn children are killed in abortion clinics every working day, life long marriage gives way to temporary cohabitation, there is a massive increase in demands for homosexual and lesbian unions to be considered as normal, young people are cast adrift as families break up, and the drug culture flourishes. There is a desperate need for spiritual revival, but who will provide it? The mainstream Protestant Churches have lost their authority. Disunited and weakened by compromise, they can no longer provide firm and confident leadership. People are looking elsewhere for new spiritual vision, new moral stability. That is why people are joining the AIC. They have watched with despair as Churches abandon biblical morality and surrender slavishly to political correctness with its unnecessary focus on inclusive language in the liturgy, multi-faith worship in Cathedrals, the unscriptural ordination of women and blatant hypocrisy among so many of the Church's Leaders. They have seen the downgrading of the place of the Sacraments within worship, and worst of all, there is the steady undermining of the very belief in Christianity as a revealed Faith. It has become fashionable to say that Christians cannot know anything for certain about God. Faith has become the subject for debate, instead of something that is simply accepted as being true.

So what, exactly is the AIC?

The Anglican Independent Communion, in the British Isles, Australia, Americas'and Europe is in a real sense, a 'Continuing Church', not a new Church. We continue to believe in everything the Church of England accepted and taught before it was swamped and strangled by liberalism. That is why we call ourselves a "Traditional Church". In particular, we hold to the Holy Bible as God's inspired Word and to the Book of Common Prayer, the Ordinal and the 39 Articles of Religion, as containing reliable summaries of our Faith. We hold to the two Sacraments of the Gospel, Holy Baptism, which brings us 'into Christ' and is completed in Confirmation, and the Holy Communion, which unites us to the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus and through which He feeds us with His Body and Blood. We hold to the Holy Orders of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, and in accordance with the teaching of the Bible and Church Tradition, we believe that all who hold these Orders must be men. In obedience to the command of Jesus Christ, we are committed to mission and evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that liberalism gives rise not only to false faith, but a failed faith, and we believe that our nation is now more than ever in need of a strong recall to the Apostolic Faith, the Faith which turned the ancient world upside down, the Faith which our Christian forefathers handed down to successive generations, the Faith which always carries a fresh relevance in every age and in every place. The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglican Independent Communion in the British Isles and Europe, The Most Rev'd Dr Norman S Dutton has a growing network of Parishes and Missions throughout the United Kingdom, and is in full Communion with: The Anglican Independent Communion in the Americas, The Independent Anglican Church of Canada, The Anglican Independent Communion in the Caribbean, The Anglican Church of South India, and Anglican Independent Communion Australia Inc.

What does the AIC offer to God and His people?

Why should we join?

In the AIC people can grasp once again the clear scriptural teachings at the heart of the Christian life, proclaimed without compromise. They can reject confused teaching, diluted doctrine and watered-down faith and instead hear the Gospel preached in its truth and fullness. In the AIC they rediscover the authentic Catholic faith handed on by the Apostles and accepted by the whole Church for more than a thousand years. People who see no need for "do-it-yourself" services and insensitive modernisation of worship can, in the AIC once again experience the timeless beauty of the traditional liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer, and the wonderful language of the King James version of the Holy Bible. Many thousands of the faithful people and their bishops and clergy are flocking to join the Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide. They have come to recognise what we believe, that the AIC is the future of world Anglicanism, freed from political control suffered by the Lambeth Communion, free from the social engineering operated by degenerate amoral governments, and unafraid to teach the difference between right and wrong. Our bishops are not appointed by the government or approved by party politicians who may not even be Christians. Our clergy are not kept under state control by being paid by state governed funds. We work for, teach and preach the love of God, under the control of no-one except Jesus Christ. If you are an existing church which seeks to join us, we do not ask you to change the name of your church. That is not important to us. We only ask that you say that your church is now a part of the Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide, and adheres to the basic traditions of post-reformation Anglicanism. We do not believe in interfering in local churches. It is your local church, not ours. We are here to help and support you in your work to spread the true Gospel, and to stand up against those who would teach the heresies of Liberalism. The rules are simple. You teach the true Gospel. You do not ordain women to Holy Orders. You do not ordain practising homosexuals to Holy Orders, or appoint them to any position of authority, because St. Paul taught us that we must not do so. You do not teach Pluralism. You do not teach Syncretism. Your job is to hate the sin, and love the sinner, so that the sinner may be bought to Salvation in our Lord. We will put information about you and your work on your own pages on the main website. This will include details of any special ministries and projects in which you are involved. As you have already seen from the quality of the site that you are now reading, our Website Manager is an expert who is doing a fantastic job in spreading the Word for us. She will put any information that you want on the site so that everyone can know about your ministry. You will now been seen as part of the fastest growing faithful group of Christians in the world. Being a part of the Anglican Independent Communion will give the people who have not known you before confidence in you, and in your work in the Holy Spirit. It will also give the civil authorities in your countries confidence in you, and we can provide you with any letters and licences from the Communion that your government needs to encourage them to do what you want to help your churches. Thirdly, we will be able to offer you education programmes for your people who want to study to be clergy or lay ministers. You will have access to our own Director of Education here in Britain, who will be able to provide you with courses that we lead to qualifications that will be accepted anywhere in the world. Additionally there are plans to establish a Theological College in West Africa to serve the African Provinces and Australia to provide Theological training for clergy and congregation members alike.

Most importantly, you will know that there are many thousands of faithful AIC members across the world who pray to God for you every day.