Finance & Mission

The Anglican Independent Communion is comprised of a mixture of parishes, missions, and clergy in a wide variety of different types of ministry activity. As well as those who run local parishes, we have ministers who work mainly in vast areas of Ministry, from the Funeral, Nursing Home, Armed Forces Chaplaincy, in Chaplaincy to the Deaf and Disabled, Christian Broadcasting, Youth Ministry, Christian Healing, Hospital Chaplaincy, Christian Education and interdenominational support ministries. There is a truly amazing variety, and no limit to the demands placed upon us to bring the truth of the Gospel to God's people, often in places where conventional Anglicanism, and particularly faithful Anglicanism, does not reach.

All of these ministry activities are financially independent. AIC ministers work hard to raise money locally every year towards supporting their ministries, whatever they may be. Additionally they raise funds for a wide variety of mission and charitable causes. All of this work has to be supported by a central administration which has to be funded. At present, even our Bishops are all non-stipendiary, and there is a great load placed upon them to finance their ministries and pastoral care.

AIC Australia is in need of your financial support to allow our mission efforts to reach further throughout Australia and so support our ever-growing army of missionary workers out there in the field serving God faithfully. Given your support there is so much more that we could do. Can you help us? Do you feel God guiding you to bless us in His work. God’s word tells us again and again that we must ‘Sow to Reap’ and that if we help the less fortunate we will be truly blessed.

Financial Accountability

AIC Australia is a registered Entity. Are you prepared to support the work of the AIC in bringing all these ministries and services to God’s people?

How can you help us?

All of our clergy are entirely self-supporting. If you feel able to make a donation towards our work, please email Archbishop Peter McInnes on the ‘contact us’ link, or our finance section on and we will respond by return email. We will then endeavor to ensure that your gift is directed to the mission area that is of greatest concern to you. Thank you for your kind gift offer.