Who we are

The Anglican Independent Communion Australia operated under the direction of the Chairman, Bishop Charles May

O.S.B., V.O.S.C.

Our denomination originates from England and is a separate entity from the Anglican Church of Australia (ACA), the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC), the Anglican Church International Communion (ACIC), the Anglican Episcopal Church International (AECI) and other Anglican Denominations not associated with the Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide, but we are in fellowship/membership with GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference). In a real sense, we are a “Continuing Church”, not a new Church. We continue to believe in everything the Church of England accepted & taught before it was swamped by liberalism. That is why we call ourselves a Traditional Church. AIC Australia was formed in 2006 when Reverend Peter McInnes was accepted as the Vicar-general for Australia in 2006, prior to his consecration into the Episcopate in September 2006, where one Priest was incardinated, three Deaconess’ and one Deacon were ordained into the AIC Australia. We do not compete with other denominations by conducting Sunday services as others do, but conduct retirement village/nursing home services on the day residents grew up attending church services (Sunday mornings) at our expense-we do not take offerings at nursing home services. We also focus on the neglected areas of ministry such as Chaplaincy at these nursing homes, workplaces and also Religious Education to the Youth...etc. Some denominations have several Bishops, Priests and Deacons, whom outnumber the attendants and are seen as "top heavy", whereas in AICA it can be easily seen that we do not have more clergy than service attendants, infact because of the success God has given us in these areas, we have greater demand for even more clergy to join this denomination. If you feel that you are being called to apply then be sure to check our 'contact us' section to complete the application for consideration to join AICA. Free training for approved leaders/clergy up to Diploma level of Theology (equivalent to Deacon/Deaconess level of ordination). All our clergy must be proactive in ministry to justify their ordination and position within church leadership.

Archbishop Dr Peter McInnes podium preachThe Anglican Independent Communion Australia Mission is to promote Christ and His teachings through Anglican traditions and other relevant Christian practices.

In 2006 the Very Reverend Peter McInnes (then Vicar-General) was consecrated Bishop. The Right Reverend Peter McInnes was voted Metropolitan Chancellor for A.I.C.W. (2007 until 2008). In 2008 the International College of Archbishops elected The Right Reverend and Right Worshipful Dr Peter McInnes to Archbishop and Presiding Bishop for Australia until 2017 when Bishop Charles May became the Chairman. Anglican Independent Communion Australia Inc., P O Box 2343, Wellington Point QLD 4160 or email